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Music of the month – August 2016

Tinashe Superlove video

You know that time when it’s finally summer, and you can’t wait to bask in the glorious heat all day? Only for the sun to play hide and seek games with the globe? And all you get are white boring clouds?
Well, that’s how cold this August has been around here.

Even though le soleil has been phony of late, planet Earth has managed to compensate us with real music this month. Truly authentic. Nothing fake here. Not even the booty.

I know you’ve been waiting for it. So have a look and listen at the best of August’s new music releases.



The Nigerian-American Chief is on a roll!
In case you were wondering , this is what you call hiphop.


When Lloyd comes back, you know the Music Junkie has to put him on the playlist. Never thought he could be so honest and true.

Lloyd with the gorgeous hair.


Sexy ZAYN (remember the capitals) is back again with his trippy videos
Is this what One Direction does to people?


Tinashe and her friends are super red-hot in this new vid.
I know y’all love the 23 year-old singer and her sexy self (talking to you fellas).


First there was Heathens, now there’s Gangsta; another great track from Suicide Squad.
Greatest movie soundtrack album or what?


You simply cannot get tired of Jason Derulo’s dancing. He sings some really high notes though.
(I seriously can’t hit that.)


Our favorite music couple – Amy and Nathan – are back with their original Karmin sound.
Better look out for their second upcoming album Leo Rising.


I see someone decided to copy Ensobosobo’s African inspired make up.
Nonetheless, the Kenyan coastal feel is real with this jam.


Lovers of chill and jazzy music, I got you. So let’s groove!


Maybe it’s about time to start praying to the weather gods for the sun.
Join me maybe?

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7 years ago

Thanks for this post I always get to see an awesome song or two I didn’t know existed. I agree with you Lloyd’s hair is too beautiful I could not stop staring at it’s curls in the video 😀

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