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Music of the month – May 2016

One Republic Wherever I Go

The gods are not happy. Nope. In fact, they are infuriated. They say it’s been forever since I last did an exclusive music post.

They claim that I have forgotten my roots. How to be The Music Junkie. But it’s simply not accurate.

Well it is true that I haven’t done a music post in a while.  But hey I have been a busy girl, I’m sure you can understand that. And in my free time I’ve been sharing a couple of new videos and songs on my Twitter page. (Yup, I’ve become that shameless self marketer now. Because if I don’t it, who will?)

Anywho… Am I the only one who’s noticed the massive number of songs and videos which have been released recently? And by recently I’m only talking about this May!

Like seriously, these artistes of ours have been on a major HIGH; it’s as if they’ve discovered a new performance-enhancing drug that we still don’t know about. So as we wait for this secret substance to be released to the public, why not use that time to enjoy their brand new music.

To make up for my recent slack in music matters, here’s a compilation of the best music videos of May 2016, just for you.

Disclaimer : Viewer criticism is highly advised.


M-Train is back, and she is feeling herself (maybe a bit too much?).
So much she even brought down the initial video when she realized her waist had been photoshopped. Like who does that?
The Photoshop I mean.
Because you know she’s all about the bass, about the bass


Let’s hang out with this young Neverland star.


Is it weird that I want to be part of P!nk’s family; so that I can also feature in such fun magical videos.


JLo wants you to know that she aint your mama, so you better put some respeck on her (still fine) empowered ass, ya know?
Side note: Imagine your mum dedicating this song to you.
Another side note: You see the blue knee-high boots she wears at the end of the video? They’re actually a creation by Rihanna.
(I bet you must be saying to yourself, really? And I’m like no, RiRi.)


Just hold on, everything changes at 0:19. And resist catching those bae feelings from this vid like I did (sigh).


Beware of some serious teen makeup game here.


I have a feeling that ZAYN (the capitals are important) employs these cool trippy effects just to trick us into listening to his same old sexy songs


He’s bringing happy back, heya!


And my heart leapt with indescribable K-pop joy


It’s a dance off courtesy of this amazing duo. And the addition of Idris Elba aka Driis to the mix, genius guys.


Who knew Adele was also the queen of trippy.


For more trippy, this new Coldplay video is out of this world! You simply have to see it to believe it.


The young girl group finally released a video that does not involve them twerking or trying to be overly sexy. This can only mean one thing – Jesus is real people!


It’s okay, you can cry now (passes tissue)

And just in case you’re not satisfied yet, you can also check out this rad playlist of the latest music from the 254.

I hope I have finally appeased the music gods.

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8 years ago

Thanks for this post dear it made my morning. Some of these artistes almost made me tear.Felt like they were speaking to my soul…too beautiful :).I still can’t believe that music can have that effect on me.

8 years ago

Love One Republic, their video for Wherever I go had me pulling some moves that sent either books flying of my knee to table tops and hence lotsa pain.
Great list. Will check out DNCE

Mwaniki Nyaga
8 years ago

The music gods are finally appeased!

8 years ago

Listen to this man J.Cole.. He’s the different rapper dominating right now

8 years ago
Reply to  Joy

Night Job is his latest video… and he’s only featured

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