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Who makes the rules

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There are two known types of people on the Internet. The first is the religious Internet user. You know, that person who always posts a religious quote at least once a day. Attributes his or her success to a high deity, and uses hashtags such as #GodIsGreat or #Alhamdulillahi. To them, nothing is possible or impossible without their divine maker. And they are eager to let the whole world know.

And then there’s group B. This is made up of the rebels of society. Constantly questioning the world and its nature. They don’t believe that everything told by religion or education to be the truth. So they seek out their own truth. And make their own rules. They choose to do what they want when they want to.

I have been in both of these groups. Once upon a time, I was part of the religious category. Yes, I was once a Christian. That was before I discovered the world. Before I became of the world. How is an imperfect human being supposed to live like they’re in heaven when they are in a place called Earth? A question I ask myself sometimes.

I do not rebuke religiousness though. I was once there. And it was great. I felt the immense joy and peace that comes with it. I loved singing those worship songs (I still do) and learning new things. Have you ever seen people spontaneously start to cry during intense worship or prayer sessions? That shit is real. It is really an overwhelming experience for many mortals.

But most importantly, growing up as a Christian taught me important values that I still hold on to today. Honesty, respect, love, and kindness.

As peaceful as that life is, it is somewhat restricting. It keeps you to only one side of life. The holy side, bound by rules. Rules like you should not listen to secular music. You are not allowed to attend certain events. That it is forbidden to have sex before marriage (so you never know if you’re sexually compatible with your future spouse).

Here are some more: Thou shalt not drink or smoke. Thou shalt not put tattoos. Or have more than one piercing. Aren’t those some of the restrictions that religion imposes? Or that humans have imposed in the name of religion?

It is believed by some that religion was created in order to control the masses.  To divide people of the world and instill fear of doing certain things. Act like a system of government. That is to command people what to do, and what not to do. And if they do not follow these regulations, then they face dire consequences. Like death. Or even worse, hell.

Others say that there is a difference between religion and spirituality. But that is a story for another day.

As we grow up and become adults, we are constantly reminded of what is right and what is wrong. But to whose eyes? Who really knows what is right or wrong? Is it possible that every day we sacrifice our free will and intelligence for blind obedience to rules? Rules that were probably made by fellow men?

I have an idea about some things that are not good for me. They are ingrained in my soul, maybe from birth. Some, I’ve had to learn the hard way through making mistakes. Others, I’ve always known from the guilt I feel when I do them. 

But the current world is different. It has already decided for the entire population what is wrong and right. Decided for a population that is made up of completely unique beings.

And so what happens to those people who do not follow the system? Who refuse to act the way society wants them to. Or just can’t. Well, you see them everywhere. They stand out of the crowd.

They are given all kinds of names. They are called queer and strange. They are called gay. Devil worshippers. Addicts. Stone heads. Divergent. Labels upon labels are placed upon them, all meant to identify and isolate these rebels. To remind them that they’re not normal. They don’t belong. And if they don’t conform to what majority believes in, they become dispensable.

Well here’s what I say. Let people live the life they want to. The one they think is best for them. Whether it is to submit to God for the rest of their lives or to explore all religions of the world.

We have the power and choice to make our own rules. And none of us made the other, so who are we to judge? To say that there is only one way to live. After all, being different is what makes the world interesting.

Isn’t that right Lady Gaga?

As the Holy Book clearly states, judge your fellow human being and you shall be judged right back.
An eye, rightfully for an eye.

Which Internet user are you?


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8 years ago

Seriously, I feel it should have been longer!!! Controversial topic hence making for an Interesting read.

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