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A New Direction 

Is it too late now to say happy new year? If it is then I’m sorry. But if it’s not then Bonne annee! That’s Happy New Year in French. Oui, je parle un peu Francais.

But enough about the beautiful language, I hope you had a smooth transition to the new year. And that 2016 will be a most memorable year for you and your clan.

Before we go any further, allow me to apologise for the misleading title. No, this is not a music post about a British boy band taking a new direction after one of its members called it quits on them. It’s about something more important. Yup you guessed it, me! Hehe.

If you have been visiting my quiet blog of late, you know that I haven’t been posting as often as I used to in the beginning. Call it inevitable change if you wish.

But let me explain. (This is the part where I get personal.) When I started this blog, I was excited. Ecstatic even. I was finally getting to share my thoughts with the world about something I truly love- music. The first two months were great, ideas popped up in my mind every single day and I couldn’t wait to write them down and post them. I loved every minute of it.

That is until things started changing. Posting new articles suddenly became a challenge, and it was not because I was experiencing writer’s block like many people do. I just wasn’t getting inspired to blog anymore. Whenever I would write a new piece, posting it just didn’t feel right. But then again, I didn’t want to let my readers down. They needed to be updated on the best in music entertainment anyway. So sometimes I would force myself to post so that the site would stay active.

The passion was dying and it got me worried. I consulted some of my friends about my problem, and they all gave me the same advice. To take a break. So that is what I did. I gave myself some time off to figure out what was really going on.

That was last year. I took the deserved break for about two months. And you know what, breaks are great. They give you an opportunity to take a step outside and see things from a different angle. This particular one cleared and opened my mind. I finally figured out what was wrong.

So here it is. When I started my blog in September, it was one of the first personal projects I had ever tried out. So as you can imagine, I was totally into it. But as time went by, I got interested in other ventures. And by mid October I was juggling three things at the same time. Not including my school course work. It became a bit hectic.

My interests started shifting. When I got my first radio gig, I was excited about it more than anything else. It was almost all I could think about. I guess this took a toll on my blog as my initial interest diminished. This is what I couldn’t see before. This is why I was less motivated to post. But as difficult as it was handling all that was on my crowded plate, it was also hard not sharing my articles with my readers.

The main reason I started this blog is because I love writing. I had always wanted to start one, but I didn’t know what it would be about. That was until someone suggested I write about something I’m interested in, like music. That was my eureka moment. That is when I decided to be a music blogger, which was perfect since I could never run out of ideas. It was my niche.

My job would be to constantly update my audience on the latest music, both local and international. But over time I realised it’s not an easy job. Especially as a part time blogger. Constantly updating you on ALL the latest music releases while juggling school at the same time was quite straining. If I was a full time writer then it would be fine and dandy, but I’m not.

Something else I discovered is that there are many other things I love to write about. But this being strictly a music blog, I couldn’t share them here. Limiting my writing to just one topic did not do justice to my creative mind.

This is why I have decided to make a major change this year. Follow a new direction. Apart from talking about music which I love, I want to write about other topics that also interest me. Like showbiz, TV, radio and life lessons. To entertain in more ways than one. Share my whole self through this blog.

You might be wondering, does this  mean LaMusicJunkie will no longer be a music blog? The answer is this: It will be more than a music blog. It will be MY blog. It will be about music, life and entertainment. Something people other than music lovers can relate to. Forget having a niche, I want to write as many things as my mind can conceive. Letting my mind and fingers to finally be free.

In the last four months of blogging, I have made lots of mistakes. But I’ve also learnt a whole lot about myself. So as we start this new year, I am making two major goals (not resolutions) concerning my blog. You are my witness.

1. I shall be honest and true in all of my writing. Fears of judgement shall not stop me from doing so.

2. Despite busy schedules and my perfectionistic standards, I shall commit myself to post at least once a week. Sundays are usually my favorite.

If I falter in any of these goals, please give me a reminder or a gentle nudge, will you? I would really appreciate that.

In conclusion (is this a research paper?) I cannot wait to share my simple little world with you. I hope you will enjoy this new direction as much as I intend to.
Always and forever, the Music Junkie.

Isn’t the Yamuna River in India just spectacular?

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8 years ago

Happy new year to you La Mus-Lif Ent junkie. (I think that’s a cool name BTW). It was a great idea to shift your focus to lifestyle rather than music alone. Hypothetically speaking, many are times you’ll find someone glued to a blog to read about lifestyle, or maybe rumours and stuff. To be candid with you, I thought you had quit blogging after a long time without seeing a post.(feels like a huge fan blowing his cover from the shadows). Anyways Mazel Tov, and God speed in your new shift of blog. Thanks. On Jan 17, 2016 7:39 PM, “LaMusicJunkie” wrote:

Joy posted: “Is it too late now to say happy new year? If it is then I’m sorry, but if it’s not – Bonne annee! That’s Happy New Year in French. Oui, je parle Francais. But enough about the beautiful language, I hope you had a smooth transition”

8 years ago

Hey Music Junkie 🙂 I will definitely be there to remind you…. and cheer you on like you always do to me as a fellow blogger and I bet to many other people in your life. I wish you well as you take on this new direction and I look forward to great reads.

8 years ago

Limiting a writing idea can bring pressure to a blogger…so,guess your new direction is worth it..I personally enjoy writing about life lessons,,,keep your readers guessing

8 years ago

Hey La Music Junkie…
I love the fact that you want to branch out and do more and definitely it is a challenge when you start out loving something so much and you feel that it’s not working out anymore.
I thinkits an amazing idea to not define yourself by one genre or one topic and I am looking forward to experiencing the change with you.

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