The Top 5 feat Wendy Kay: The singing producer

Wendy Kay Kenyan female musician

Have you ever met an artist who is sweet, soft-spoken and super talented?

That’s Wendy Kay for you.

In this episode of The Top 5 with LaMusicJunkie, I was joined by the young Kenyan female musician who’s done the most. From being a musical actress to her songs being featured on top Kenyan movies, it’s almost full circle. Not only is she a talented singer but she also produces some of her own music, which ranges from R&B all the way to Afro-house.

She released her debut EP My Way in 2020 and followed up with My Way Vol 2 album in 2022. And she’s just getting started.

Tune in to this fun episode to find out:

  • Why she rebranded from Wendy Kemunto
  • What she learnt at Coke Studio Africa
  • Her favourite Kenyan music producers
  • Why she restarted her Instagram page
  • What her brand Kay Culture is all about 

For more sweetness: