The Top 5 feat Luka: The Journey of Self Discovery

Luka Kenyan rapper Top 5 with LaMusicJunkie

Have you ever wanted to do more more, be more? But something is holding you back from expressing your full potential?

This guest understands all too well.

As the creative director for The Kenyan Renaissance, Luka started out as a music producer for Kenyan hiphop artists such as Muddah and Nash Hinga. But deep down he’s always been a rapper. And in 2021, he finally let his light shine.

In 2022, he released his debut album Sanduku. A testament of the boxes he’s broken out of, from fake friendships to self-limiting beliefs. Every song in his 8-track album has a profound story behind it.

The 2022 Kenyan album also features Mwongeli, Muddah and Tony Oriema who he’s worked with before.

Tune in to this episode to discover:

  • How Luka metamorphized from producer to rapper
  • Why he believes we’re not free and still in Chains
  • The Tanzanian chakacha band he sampled in Rafiki Adui
  • How fatherhood has changed him
  • His favourite Kenyan songs

And so much more.

We really went deep on this one, so get your boots ready!

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