The Top 5 feat Kuiyu: The In Betweener

Kuiyu Kenyan musician

“Oozing with Life, the Flawa boy brings to African creativity a fresh wind of Self love & awareness, authentic expression & genuine spectrum representation. His work resonates with a vulnerable essence, bold styling and dare some execution. Exploring romanticism, identity and orientations, spirituality and the emancipation of the African mind.” – Music in Africa

What happens when you put The In Betweener and LaMusicJunkie in one room? A lot of laughs, that’s what.

On this episode of The Top 5 with LaMusicJunkie podcast, I interviewed this alternative Kenyan musician who’s been in the game for over 10 years. He’s also a PR whiz and dreamer. And his name, is Kuiyu! 

With two albums and one EP out, there were a lot of interesting stories to share. And jokes too. His latest album In Between released in July 2022 was an absolute joy to dissect.

Tune in to find out…

  • What Kuiyu’s name actually means
  • What happened to his first group W3NZA
  • Why he recorded his Bloom EP live
  • What he’s needing right now
  • And so much more!

Get ready to learn a lot as we talk about his top 5 songs. And the fellow Kenyan artists who made them possible such as DJ Mura, Dillie, Noel Grass, Wambura Mugo and more. Aka his doulas.

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This episode was recorded and edited at Tawala Beats studio