The Top 5 feat Jemedari: The hiphop jazz general

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I still remember the day I met Jemedari. It was during his KAYA album launch at Michael Joseph Centre, 5 years ago!

Since then I have watched him evolve and transform both in look and sound, while still keeping true to his Giriama roots.

On this episode of the Top 5 with LaMusicJunkie podcast, I sit down with the Kenyan hiphop general. We discuss the (sometimes weird) backstories behind songs from his 2017 KAYA album and 2022 Suits & Mics EP. And how the Kenyan musician transitioned from melodic Swahili tunes to classy hiphop jazz.

Tune in to discover:

  • How his song got on the famous Green Calabash vlog
  • How he become a brand ambassador for 56 Authentique suits
  • What inspired his Kenyan hiphop jazz Suits & Mics EP
  • The big names on his next hiphop jazz project
  • What a soundcheck rapper is

And much more.

Like our first interview on my award-winning radio show The Music Junkies 5 years ago, we had loads of fun. Get ready for puns!

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