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What Kenyan Artists Need You To Remember During This Election

So, are you voting? That has probably been the most asked question in the country this past month. If only Google could document it, it would be no. 1 on the Kenyan search results.

There has been so much unnecessary drama during the buildup to this year’s general elections. And it all seems to distract us from the main mission. That is, to vote for leaders who are different from the norm and have a new promise for our country.

You see, the past 5 years have been no more different than the previous in terms of hardships and frustration. Government positions were taken but job results unseen. Money flowed freely into county development funds and disappeared into deep pockets, never to be touched by mwananchi.

You could almost say things look the same as they did 5 years ago. If not slightly worse.

That’s why there is so much fiasco right now. Everybody wants to see change, and many are fighting for the chance to do it. The power is literally clenched in our hands as we tick those ballot papers.

Do not let anyone take away your democratic power. Not with sweet empty promises, free T-shirts, loose money or even repetitive TV ads. They will be just as meaningless when new leadership takes power.

As much as we want a peaceful election, we also want a successful one. Where our youthful voice is heard loud and clear. For those shifty politicians who’ve taken us for a long bumpy ride on undeveloped roads to finally be booted out. After all, we only get this chance once in a half-decade.

This is where Kenyan artists come in. They continuously act as a torch to illuminate our forgotten struggles in an unequal society. And remind us of our transformative power as voters. What we need to do differently this time around in order to get different results.

Aren’t you tired? I am, and so are these artists cum activists. Some of their songs even moved me to the brink of tears (And no, I am not a cry baby).

As you watch these empowering videos, keep in the back of your mind what your current leader has done for you. Are you satisfied enough to bring them back?


Empty promises till when Mr. Politician?


I just can’t (reaches out for a handkerchief)


It’s 2017, and Kenya is still nchi ya kitu kidogo


Sometimes you wonder how you’re still surviving in this struggling economy


Ebu think before you dip your thumb in ink


Do yourself a favor please, and get rid of them vultures


It’s time for us youth to jiactivate.

As H_art the Band once sang, Msanii ni kioo cha jamii.

Our Kenyan artists have done their part.

It doesn’t matter who your friend or family member is voting for. It’s not what the politicians want either.

It’s about what you want.

Do what is right for you and your future.

It’s up to you now.

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